We specialize our marketing strategies for each home to ensure our clients receive top value. Our diverse marketing tactics take advantage of all channels of communication to create interest for your home. We understand that your home is the most important investment and we work towards one goal; top value for your home. From a strong web presence to professional photography to exclusive open houses, our marketing strategy will compliment your home!

Strong Web Presence

Our website has a strong audience that creates tremendous exposure for your home. All buyers are able to view your home with our sophisticated SEO (Search Engine Optimization), professional photos and virtual tours.

Professional Photography

Selling your home is the most important investment therefore; we love to provide our clients with a diverse set of tools to achieve the top value for their home. Our professional photographer has the creative ability to show the beauty of your home!

Video / Virtual Tours

Video tours connect your home to the buyers! Buyers can see the inside of your home from the comfort of their homes at any corner of the world.

Custom Listing Brochures

Our listing brochures are custom-made for each listing. With outstanding photography and design; the brochure will show your home beautifully.

Neighbourhood Mail Outs

Neighbourhood mail outs are a great way to reach a wide audience. Our mail outs will reach your entire neighbourhood to create a buzz surrounding your home. All your neighbours will want your home to sell high as it will raise the value of the neighbourhood!

Exclusive Agent and Public Open House

It is essential to have an extensive network in this business. We host exclusive agent and public open houses to generate the maximum amount of interest.

Professional Marketing Team – Brixwork

Our marketing team consists of professionals with a wide experience who specialize in all aspects of marketing which include web, print media, mobile and direct marketing.

Aerial Home Tour

Aerial Home Tours are a great way to showcase the exterior surroundings of your property. The views are high-quality and fully detailed that show your home the right way!